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Javanese rapper Toton Caribo brings the energy with ‘RASAKAN ITU’

Straight up club Hip Hop vibes blasting on the streets of Yogyakarta

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 8 Sep 2021

Mainstream Trap sounds have been ruling Indonesia’s buzzing Hip Hop scene, but don’t sleep on the southside of the country, where the streets are talking - and bigging up the rich Javanese culture. Yogyakarta-based rapper Toton Caribo is here to make sure their voices are heard loud and clear with his new release ‘RASAKAN ITU.’

Built on a club-friendly Old-School Electro beat with video game noises in the melody, ‘RASAKAN ITU’ is a Javanese street rap by Toton Caribo, Wenro H, and Jacson Zeran, plus their large legit-looking crew, who represent hard in the music video. Right from the top, Toton Caribo wastes no time unloading his verse, which he describes as the ‘Bomb in Hiroshima.’ Next up is Wenro H, who’s rhymes are tempered by some nice auto-tuned singing. Jacson Zeran comes in last after the hook and adds another layer of flavor to the simple, yet hyperactive track.

The video for ‘RASAKAN ITU’ features the three rappers and their crew busting out dance moves and generally not giving AF while three B-Boys pop, lock and spin in front of a graffiti throw-up. After so many big productions, it’s refreshing to see these kids wearing street clothes and using their hood as the backdrop for the video. Nothing too fancy, just straight-up bangin’ .

Check out ‘RASAKAN ITU’ by Toton Caribo feat. Wenro H and Jacson Zeran below.