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The Squid Game capsule we’ve all been waiting for is here

Emotionally Unavailable says if you pick the wrong shirt, you may fall through the glass to your death

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 21 Oct 2021

Haven’t had your fill of kids’ games with murderous outcomes? Are you still interested in playing Red Light, Green Light for money? How about some Tug of War where the losers fall to their deaths? With one week to go before Halloween kills all the hype around Squid Game like a bad game of marbles, Emotionally Unavailable is ready for you to get your credit cards out for the drop of the year. On Instagram, Emotionally Unavailable teased their collab with 2021’s hottest Netflix show for a capsule that goes on sale on October 21.

Previously on October 11, Edison Chen teased his three million followers with a graphic T-shirt of the MC Escher-like staircases the guards must take to get to the children’s games from Emotionally Unavailable. A few days later, Emotionally Unavailable got in on the promo game by teasing a kid’s drawing of all the games plus some words from the show, “Life is like a game, there are many players. If you don’t play with them, they’ll play with you...” Then other posts started appearing including the one Chen teased, as well as the tree-sized female murderous robot with lasers in her eyes from Red Light, Green Light, and another with the Emotionally Unavailable heart on it and the words Squid Game.

The prices will only be shown when the Emotionally Unavailable x Squid Game goes on sale, but who cares about money when you are chasing one of the hottest items of the year?

Check out the Emotionally Unavailable website here.