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The bucket hat that is really an ice bucket

Why hasn’t someone done this before?

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 20 Jul 2023

In Hip Hop, bucket hats have been on the scene since Big Bank Hank from The Sugar Hill Gang donned one in the first Hip Hop single ever recorded, ‘Rapper’s Delight.’ From there, Run DMC and LL Cool J made bucket hats and their closely-related cousin, Kangols, the hottest thing on the streets. Trendsetters like EPMD rocked bucket hats in all their promo material. Fashionistas like Andre 3000 even had a leopard-print bucket hat that he wore from time to time. Eminem, Pharrell, and others all have sported bucket hats at one point or another. This trend trickled down to fans and soon bucket hats became a must-wear accessory for anyone who loved Hip Hop.

While the original idea of bucket hats was to keep the sun or heat off the head of a fisherman, the Swedish alcohol company Kopparberg has come up with something ingenious - the world’s first bucket hat that doubles as an ice bucket to keep beverages cool. Using a thermosilver lining on the inside of the hat, drinks and ice can be put into the hat and kept cold for later consumption.

Do you want to look like LL Cool J or EPMD but be able to keep your beverages cold? Kopparberg is not selling these ice bucket bucket hats, though. Instead, it’s a promo tool that can only be won by filling out a form here and hoping for the best.