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Show Me the Money season 11 producer showcase rocks da club

Four performances show the varied musical styles

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 9 Oct 2022

As Korea gets ready for the Show Me the Money season 11 premiere on October 21, Mnet TV put out the producer showcase straight from the club. The fans are packed into a nightclub to catch the songs while the producing teams come out and show them what they got.

First up is Lil Boi and Groovy Room. Using the ‘Keep my name out your mouth’ from the Chris Rock and Will Smith Oscar slapfight, Lil Boi really gives the crowd a ‘Wow.’ The beat is a mix of Festival Trap and Dubstep with a dirty break, and Lil Boi has got tight raps as well as amazing crowd control. Jay Park and Slom are up second with ‘Receipts.’ The song sounds like a mid-1990s Common beat that is airy and light. Jay performs in a cage away from the crowd and he’s a bit disconnected from the crowd with the song. Eventually, he comes down and basks in the love of the people.

Third in line are JUSTHIS and R.Tee with the Drilled-out ‘못난 놈.’ It’s a hard beat and one that the heads are really feeling with the straight-up raps. Finally, The Quiett and Leellamarz go in on a cypher in the middle of the crowd. Leellamarz has the whole club on his side from the jump with the feel-good beat. The Quiett gets on the mic last and effortlessly gives them what they want.

This showcase is the four producer groups doing four separate songs, but it gives some good insight into how varied the music will be week to week on Show Me the Money. If you weren’t excited about the show before watching this video, you are now.

Check out the Show Me the Money producer showcase ‘In Da Club’ below.