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RAMENGVRL & Cinta Laura live in a ‘Bossy’ world

The infectious single bangs on dancefloors & inside fragile men’s minds

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 8 Aug 2023

With Barbie grossing over a billion US dollars in three weeks at the global box office, all the shallow podcasters or media commentators in the man-o-sphere that announced the movie was just a flash-in-the-pan were dead wrong. If those fools were hurt by a plastic doll ruling the globe, wait until they get run over by RAMENGVRL and Cinta Laura’s new single, ‘Bossy.’

As soon as the song starts, it’s easy to tell that ‘Bossy’ is not a run-of-the-mill dancefloor jam. Instead, the beat by Gerald from Weird Genius and Decemberkid instantly demands people get up and shake their things in whatever way they can. RAMEN is first to bat and she tears it up, commanding the mic with ease, and dropping nuggets of wisdom along the way. Cinta Laura brings Pop sensibilities to the track as she sings in a dreamy manner and has some fun on the chorus. The Twerk breaks in the song are irresistible and will soon be heard everywhere around the world.

The video starts off like an anime dream sequence where Cinta Laura and RAMENGVRL finally make contact, but then it moves to real life as RAMENGVRL shows up with a Doberman. The Y2K and Centil vibes are strong in this one with backgrounds and dance sequences that would be perfectly in place in any early-2000s video.

Like Ken in Barbie, the only male figures in the video are encased in plastic like grocery store meat and are there to serve the women. While RAMEN and Cinta are ‘Bossy’ in the video, it’s time for these fragile men to understand this is the new future. They can join the revolution or they can be put back on the shelf.

Check out RAMENGVRL and CINTA Laura’s ‘Bossy’ below.