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Pyra turns the dystopia up to 10 on ‘new bitch’

The single addresses the toxicity in the record industry

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 27 Sep 2023

Imagine you have a burgeoning music career, writing about the end of the world and how funked up things are, and soon, you get word that leaving your home country is the best thing for you to do. If you don’t, who knows what might happen.

That musician is Pyra, and she turns the dystopia up to 10 on ‘new bitch.’ She’s been living and enjoying her life in London while doing shows around the globe and getting all kinds of awards. But there are still many things that are bothering her. On ‘new bitch,’ she feels the need to address the toxicity of major labels and expectations of the music industry.

Being real is easy if you are just starting. Being real is the right way to get fans. But staying real is difficult because people want music that is easily digestible and brings them good thoughts. Prya flips this thinking on its head because being the 100 percent authentic version of herself is the ONLY thing she can be. On the chorus, she sings/raps, “Imma do what i fucking want/Imma take no shit from no one/New bitch who dis?/I’m in real form.”

The realness is paying off. Pyra has done multiple Ted Talks, was listed in Forbes’ 30 Under 30, and has a lot of festivals coming up like Gotobeat Festival in the UK, Reeperbahn Festival in Germany, and Octopop Festival in Thailand. She’s also challenging the status quo as the new brand ambassador of Heineken Experience Silver.

Check out Pyra’s ‘new bitch’ below.