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Niia is joined by 9m88 for a steamy excursion down a digital rabbit hole on ‘Oh Girl’

Animated versions of 2 R&B songstresses have a love affair while trailing a bunny with a jetpack

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 8 Jul 2021

It’s a rare treat when velvety R&B grooves match up so perfectly with steamy, cutting-edge visuals. Niia’s ‘Oh Girl’ does that and then some when she takes a jaunt with Taiwan’s 9m88 in a video that is part digital Alice in Wonderland and part futuristic love story.

“One night I drank too much wine and realized I might be in love with a girl,” said Niia on the essence of the lyrics of ‘Oh Girl.’ Her lines in the song are flirtatious and inviting, while still being unsure of where the late night or the relationship may lead. She croons out, “Never met a boy who could hang as long as you can” on the chorus, while shyly waiting for a reply. 9m88’s silky voice pairs just right with Niia’s as she contemplates getting into this fluid love affair.

The storyline and effects on ‘Oh Girl’ were created by Misato Studio’s Andrei Warren, who has worked with Pop Smoke, Tiga, Converse, and Adidas in the past. The small flourishes in the animation, like when the two characters ever so gently touch each others’ hands while watching a comet explode, is proof of the impeccable juxtaposition of the song and video.

At the crescendo of ‘Oh Girl,’ Niia and 9m88 defy gravity to end up as one when their vocals in the song and their bodies in the video are finally interlaced in the happy ending we all were rooting for.

Watch Niia featuring 9m88’s “Oh Girl’ below.

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