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MJ116’s Kenzy spits fire like the dancing dragons that surround him on ‘大丈夫’

The Taiwanese MC started from the bottom now he’s got the Midas touch

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 24 May 2023

The thing about Taiwan’s Hip Hop superstar group MJ116 is that all three MCs have what it takes and there’s not a weak link in the bunch. E.So is a dope MC who pushes the boundaries with his musical choices, and is also bordering on idol status as he is now starring in movies and has endorsements from near and far. Muta has always been the big guy of the group with the ill raps, but since he’s had a kid, he’s been pushing himself to be healthier and live longer.

While Kenzy has been out doing shows with MJ116 and showing up on reunion singles, now it’s his turn to step out of his brothers’ shadows and get into the spotlight himself with his recently released ‘大丈夫,’ which translates to ‘Big Man’ or ‘The Man.’ Kenzy spits fire like the dancing dragons that surround him in the temple in the video.

Over a beat by Tipsy with an assist from Dough-Boy, Kenzy first proclaims that he’s the damn man, and if you have a problem with it, come see him. More likely than not, you don’t want to mess with Kenzy and the crew because they are young, fearless, and run the game. In the second verse, the Monkey King shows up, and anyone who knows a thing or two about Asian culture knows that that’s when things get hectic. But it’s during this time that he explains the game to the younger generation about relying on themselves, expanding their territory in whatever they do, and even throwing a bar about guns and knives. As an OG, Kenzy drops one of the most serious bars he’s ever done when he says, “You’ll find no company in the coffin.”

It’s always a good day when something new comes out of the MJFresh crew. Kenzy’s first solo single in a while is uplifting as well as ready for the heat of the summer.

Check out ‘大丈夫’ by Kenzy below.