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Miss A rolls into 2023 ‘Wit the Funk’

Together with Fateeha, these Boom Bap queens got it going on

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 15 Jan 2023

If Miss A’s latest single, ‘Wit the Funk,’ was released in 1993 instead of 2023, The Source would have given it four mics. The Boom Bap track, produced by DJ Medmessiah, sounds like a New York City street 30 years ago. With a striking soul sample, ‘Wit the Funk’ warrants repeated plays for the funky groove as well as two dope verses from Miss A and Fateeha.

'Wit the Funk'

The video is shot in one-take by DJ Medmessiah, which has become the calling card of his label Morobeats. It starts off in the back of a cock fighting arena and slowly weaves its way to the main ring, where Miss A goes off. The 19-year-old MC is joined by DJ Medmessiah’s daughter, Fateeha, spitting fire. With these two MCs going at it, they are earning their nickname, the Boom Bap queens. Besides doing the video in a traditional environment, the ladies are also showing out for their culture with one-piece suits with neck collars and cuffs that have traditional Filipino embroidering.

Miss A

In October, Miss A put out ‘Back 2 these streets,’ which got her on LiFTED’s radar. After this single, ‘Wit the Funk,’ we can’t wait to see what she does next.

Check out Miss A and Fateeha on ‘Wit the Funk.’