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MC STΔN gets ‘NUMB’’ from the pain

It’s the Indian rapper’s latest release after winning Bigg Boss 16 in 2023

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 16 Mar 2024

MC STΔN, one of the most popular rappers in India right now, prefers to stay out of the limelight. “I think I don’t like being visible!” he said in an interview with Times of India, “You will never see me dance at weddings. That’s just not me.”

His elusiveness is further exemplified through his music. On his latest single ‘NUMB,’ the Maharashtra rapper embraces Emo Trap by lathering his vocals in AutoTune and distancing himself from any feelings of romance to never allow himself to be hurt again. MC STΔN is in his singing bag for ‘NUMB,’ a far cry from recent upbeat songs like ‘Basti Ka Hasti’ and ‘NUSTA PAISA.’

MC STΔN has always branded himself as both a singer and a rapper. It’s this versatility that contributed to his major win in the reality TV series Bigg Boss 16 in 2023. Since then, opportunities have been flooding in for the young rapper such as a shot at singing in a Bollywood production with producer Farrey. ‘NUMB’ is only the next stage of MC STΔN’s superstar career.

The single also comes with a music video, which sees an animated MC STΔN singing in a blood-soaked field surrounded by floating pills and backed by a chrome-laden sports car.

Check out the video for MC STΔN’s ‘NUMB’ below.