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MC Hotdog’s ‘Ladyboy’ is getting him in trouble

The Taiwanese rapper took shots at Hong Kong’s GEM & Angelababy

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 4 Jul 2022

Part of the cool of being MC Hotdog is to have an IDGAF attitude. From the start, he’s always rapped about topics that were hot or ladies that he’s loved. He recently released his latest album, ‘姚中二,’ which has caused a lot of controversies online.

Hotdog, who will be a contestant on the all-star season of Rap of China over the summer, is thought to have mocked Hong Kong artists GEM and Angelababy in his new song, ‘Ladyboy.’ In the song, he talks about knowing someone before they messed themselves up with plastic surgery. Many people believe that this is a clear shot at GEM, as she is well-known for her surgery.

In another lyric, Hotdog says, “Are you my Angelababy or are you despicable?” In Mandarin, Angelababy and despicable rhyme. Angelababy’s assistant posted a response in meme form by saying that Angelababy wanted nothing to do with Hotdog.

Angelababy's response

At the peak of Hotdog’s popularity, Eminem was doing unspeakable things to the mother of his child on his albums. The world has irreversibly changed and now people don’t appreciate rappers being so misogynistic in their lyrics. MC Hotdog is going to have to learn his lesson in a public way.

Check out MC Hotdog’s ‘Ladyboy’ below.