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Masia One & Denny Frust rediscover the freedoms in life with ‘Wait in Vain’

At the intersection of Reggae, Ska & Soul, the tune celebrates the world opening up again

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 21 Oct 2022

Masia One and Denny Frust have a really great relationship dating back years. The Queen of Singaporean Hip Hop and Reggae explains, “We are both small Raggamuffin people that pack a punch and care a lot about music and community. If I call Denny to do something he trusts me that I will showcase him in the best way possible. When he calls me to tour I know I’m gonna see some part of Indonesia I’ve never seen before.”

In their latest collab, the Reggae, Ska, and Soul drenched ‘Wait in Vain,’ the two close friends hop into a car for a last-minute road trip and soak up the sun. Masia said, “‘Wait in Vain’ is that dreamy song you play at the end of an epic summer, an ode to the road trips and island vacays, to falling in love and creating your most colorful memories. It’s a celebration of the moments that seem fleeting with the music that keeps the good times rolling.”

Masia One & Denny Frust

Getting ‘Wait in Vain’ to the masses isn’t easy, though, because the music business only really cares about algorithms and numbers nowadays. “The Asian platforms told me that it was too reggae and, of course, the reggae platforms told me it wasn’t reggae enough,” said Masia. “For me, after coming out of a two-year pandemic, isolation, and hard times emotionally and financially, I’m not thinking about the genres or the trendiness of the song. I wanted to make a chilled-out song that helps change people's mood to something relaxed, calm, and get people ready to rediscover their freedoms in life.”

Check out Masia One and Denny Frust’s ‘Wait in Vain’ below.