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East meets West as Lil Ghost hops on Iann Dior’s ‘Prospect’ remix

Lil Baby’s verse from the original song is rapped in Mandarin by Lil Ghost

LiFTED | Leah Liu | 21 May 2021

What were the most popular Hip Hop songs over the last year? One of them must be ‘Prospect’ by Iann Dior. The hit has gained more than 100 million streams and topped playlists like Rap Caviar, New Music Friday, and Get Turnt on Spotify.

Iann Dior doesn’t seem to be limiting himself to North America, though. He released a new remix of this track which was produced by KBeaZy and Wheezy, with Chinese rapper Lil Ghost rapping Lil Baby’s lyrics from the original song in Mandarin.

The Chinese rapper Lil Ghost is known as the ‘Lil Baby of China’ because he seems to be everywhere. He recently appeared on a remix of 24kGoldn and Iann Dior’s hit ‘Mood.’ Lil Ghost also stood out on the Chinese show ‘Idol Producer’ in 2018, which was a survival game show where the results were chosen by the audience. Nearly eight million people voted for him to become part of a Hip Hop supergroup called Nine Percent. From then until now, Lil Ghost has worked hard in the group as well as on his own music.

About the new remix of ‘Prospect’ in English and Mandarin, the Chinese rapper said he had heard Iann Dior’s tracks before and was very excited to work with him. The new mix has some strong Asian elements like the zither added in, and Lil Ghost was looking forward to getting the reactions from fans about the collaboration.

Watch Iann Dior and Lil Ghost’s ‘Prospect’ below.