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LiFTED NFT [009]: Invest in the JP NFT & get ready to be wavy

LiFTED's November cover becomes a non-fungible token

LiFTED | LiFTED Staff | 1 Dec 2021

Cover #9 [November] stars the Japanese sensation JP The Wavy. After beginning his Hip Hop journey in 2017, JP has garnered fame and success in a very short four years. His style and visual aesthetic rest somewhere between the in-your-face early 2000’s Hype Williams flash and current DIY fun grittiness. Throw in some IDGAF attitude and colorful, funky clothes with impeccable styling and you have the makings of a genuine cult hero for many of Japan’s - and Tokyo’s in particular - online obsessed youth.

This artwork is limited to 1 copy.

It is created and owned exclusively by LiFTED and b2 Holdings Ltd in Hong Kong.

Put a bid on JP The Wavy on Opensea here.