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Kim Chi Sun’s ‘Don’t Come’ brings it back to the club

The Saigon singer relives her wild night outs pre-pandemic

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 26 Mar 2022

As the world is one step closer to ending the COVID-19 pandemic, artists and rappers are taking it upon themselves to harness their experiences into music creation. From Saigon, R&B newcomer Kim Chi Sun relives her past in her new song ‘Don’t Come.’

Following her debut EP M Good in 2019, Kim Chi Sun describes ‘Don’t Come’ as a way to remember ‘her clubbing self.’ Like many people, Kim Chi Sun has been following the safety protocols and stayed home for most of the time over the past two years and some change. Nights out in the club, which used to be so accessible, have now become out of reach, and ‘Don’t Come’ is Kim’s attempt to refurbish the whimsical atmosphere of clubbing.

In the almost three-minute track, Kim Chi Sun channels her inner-party-girl as she delicately serenades on a Downtempo, Chillwave, and R&B beat. Kim Chi Sun’s steamy vocals add an intangible layer, which could be described as a mix of Old School Rihanna plus the weightlessness of Arianna Grande with a side of girl boss RAMENGVRL. While everything adds up cohesively, brief guitar riffs and pounding drums are inserted in between hooks giving the song a new touch to spice up the soothing melody.

The music video seamlessly imitates a fuzzy night out. We see Kim Chi Sun dressed in a glamorous dress as she dances alone in a tangerine-lit club. It’s a blurry journey to immerse the chanteuse into the drunken atmosphere.

Check out Kim Chi Sun’s ‘Don't Come’ below.