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Kenz makes a statement with the scorching ‘Heatwave’

The Indonesian rapper is co-signed by RAMENGVRL & GOING NOODLES

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 28 Jun 2024

Last summer was the hottest summer on record. This summer will be even hotter. Lucky for music fans, Indonesian MC Kenz is bringing the blazing summer jam, ‘Heatwave’ to help everyone get through the sweltering months of the year. This song has a bit of R&B, a dash of Hip Hop, and just for the summer, there are even some Latin vibes going on in there. There is even a bit of Jack Harlow flow in the lyrics that sounds perfect for 2024. The extra dope thing about ‘Heatwave’ is that it’s the triple threat, not only does he rap, but it’s also self-produced and even mixed by Kenz himself.

A few years back, Kenz did something very few people get to do; he played in front of 30,000 screaming fans. Since then, he’s had a detour in Seattle, but now he’s back and ready to make his mark by signing with GOING NOODLES, a creative platform in Indonesia that champions alternative music and Hip Hop. He’s also gotten the BIG co-sign from RAMENGVRL, and whatever she does is always good.

In the video, Kenz definitely has hot boy summer on his mind as he rolls around the coast shirtless, gets a tattoo, and stunts in a mirrored elevator. Instead of just the song, Kenz is the ‘Heatwave.’

Check out Kenz’s ‘Heatwave’ below.