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JB turns the party up with ‘Me and My Crew’

Chivas will be pushing the New Regals at a free concert on December 8

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 28 Nov 2023

Hip Hop has become so popular that brands are tripping over themselves to sponsor rappers or events. Some do a bad job and it just looks like grabbing onto a trend, and then there are brands like Chivas who put in a lot of time and money to build relationships with artists and carefully curate shows for the fans.

JB has been named one of the New Regals by Chivas. The head of Greytone has worked with them for a few years and has recently dropped a single, ‘Me and My Crew,’ that gets the party vibes going. This is the leadup to a free concert at Urban Park in Hong Kong with five other New Regals on December 8, Novel Fergus, Novel Flash, Novel Friday, AKIKO, and TXMIYAMA. Besides JB’s jam, Novel Fergus and Flash have released ‘Baxe’ and AKIKI has done ‘Rising.’ All of the songs are tastefully done and will be performed at the big free concert. The I Rise We Rise campaign by Chivas looks to be a big success for everyone involved.

JB’s video for ‘Me and My Crew’ is also slamming. The transitions between the scenes, the choreography, and the fun that the song brings show why JB is one of the biggest stars in the Hong Kong Hip Hop scene. In one part, he even rocks a Rodman Lakers jersey backward like the kids from the ‘Jump’ video by Kriss Kross. He shows he’s a fearless leader of older styles morphing into new styles and a definite New Regal.

Check out JB’s ‘Me and My Crew’ below and get free tickets to the concert here.