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Indonesian all-star cast gets juicy on Tiger Wong

Baim Wong and crew drop an ode to vaping

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 2 Jul 2021

Eitaro, Kardo Arghost, Nu Chandz, and Baim Wong are a crew of Indonesian rappers, as well as an actor, who frequently come together for Rap bangers. Their latest joint, ‘Tiger Wong,’ is a dark Trap workout dedicated to the wildly popular vape juice brand.

Given the runaway popularity of vaping in South East Asia, it’s not surprising that Baim Wong and his crew drop bars about Tiger Wong, one of the most popular vape juices in Indonesia right now. In this three-minute drill, Eitaro, Kardo, Arghost, and Nu Chands each drop bars on a breezy, bass-heavy beat and a catchy hook by Nu Chandz - each dynamically different but full of energy and street bravado. With an echo chamber of autotune augmenting their trippy rhymes, ‘Tiger Wong’ gets your mood melded without the vape.

The music video is as wavy as the track, with a checklist of key Hip Hop elements - luxury rides, gold chains, tattoos, and of course lots of vape smoke. The MCs take turns moving in and out of the red lights and shadows, vaping and dropping gems.

Check out Bam Wong, Eitaro, Kardo Arghost, and Nu Chandz in ‘Tiger Wong’ below.