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Filipino Drill goes hard in ‘Sign of the Cross’

OG Makk, Topakk, Playboy Baby & the Tu$ Brother$ come with it

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 28 Oct 2022

Drill is like Trap music’s unruly cousin. You want him to chill out a bit sometimes, but whenever he’s around, it’s always a blast smashing some windows or breaking a door down for the hell of it. In ‘Sign of the Cross’ by the Psychedelic Boys' OG Makk, Topakk, Playboy Baby & the Tu$ Brother$, there is a voice that screams, “This is not a drill” a few times before the beat by kid chucky drops. Then, there are four bars of beats that make you want to pick up a chair and throw it off a roof just because well…it’s Drill.

As soon as the MCs come on, it’s over. Og Makk is living that Drill life with dark-splotch tattoos covering his shoulders, neck, and about half of his face. There’s no turning back now. His lyrics are accentuated by his raspy voice, which sounds like what you hear right when you are about to die. Playboy Baby and Topakk are up next and they each have hauntingly beautiful flows in the same eerie way. The Tu$ Brother$ finish it off properly.

The video for ‘Sign of the Cross’ has editing that is out of this world. It speeds up at the right time and slows down perfectly. The video director takes two seemingly innocent places - a convenience store and a construction site - and makes a Hip Hop video look exemplary.

Check out ‘Sign of the Cross’ below.