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FEMM goes outside the Hip Hop box in ‘Mental Health’

Yup’in joins the mannequins with emotions

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 11 Jan 2022

FEMM is not your typical Rap group. There’s no twerking, no bikini pool parties, or spitting rhymes about the strip club anywhere in Tokyo. But what FEMM is doing on their recently released ‘Mental Health’ is pushing the boundaries of what Hip Hop really is with ‘Mental Health,’ featuring their good friend Yup’in and produced by Radical Hardcore Clique.

Simply put, ‘Mental Health’ is a mindf*ck of a song and video. The three self-described mannequins with emotions are trapped inside a three-sided box for the duration of the video, but they do anything but stay inside the box. Instead, they screech, yell, and rap around in a Matrix-like, laser-filled metaverse that could be a representation of the complexity of modern-day emotions.

Producers Radical Hardcore Clique, known for their Gagaku-influenced Hip Hop, make this song bass-heavy, with a lot of glitching and disproportionate rhymes and singing. There’s no doubt that viewers and listeners get more than they expect when they click on ‘Mental Health.’

‘Mental Health’ is just one of 10 songs from their latest album, Tokyo Girls Anthem. The songs are “for girls, by girls” and run there to cheer people up and make them angry all at once.

Check out FEMM featuring Yup’in’s ‘Mental Health’ video and album Tokyo Girls Anthem below.