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Enter Nostalgia modernizes classic Filipino staple

From The Bay to Buscalan

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 29 Apr 2024

Only a few years ago, Jaden Yo-Eco barely got 10 orders when he did fashion drops. Times change and now his company with partner Humbert Lee, Enter Nostalgia, is getting thousands of orders and even selling out the things he puts out.

Recently, Enter Nostalgia modernized the paisley button-up, a staple of Filipino fashion. The see-through shirts come in cream, olive, black, brown, baby blue, and wine and sold out as soon as they hit the internet. Luckily for everyone, they re-upped their drop on April 26 and as of this writing [April 29], they are still available.

Jaden’s creation is not only fly for Filipinos. His well-crafted shirts are great for anyone on a beach, at a pool, or even a semi-fancy outdoor party in the sunshine. He said to Complex Philippines, “The collection reflects the essence of Filipino culture, bridging the gap between California and the Philippines with its meticulously crafted pieces.”

Get breezy with the paisley button-up at the Enter Nostalgia store here.