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Thailand’s ElevenFinger sentenced to a year in jail

The 2020 incident had to do with throwing cherry bombs at the Prime Minister’s residence

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 29 Jun 2023

In 2021, LiFTED covered School Town King, a documentary about two rappers trying to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and get out of Bangkok’s largest ghetto, Klong Toey. The movie followed MC’s Book and Non as they performed and made music in the studio. Unfortunately, things didn’t go so well for Book because on June 20, the MC also known as ElevenFinger because of his extra digit, was sentenced to a year in a Thai jail for throwing ‘ping pong bombs’ or cherry bombs at the Prime Minister’s residence. Elevenfinger’s girlfriend and five others were also charged.

The rapper was originally charged with culpability and possessing explosives, even though cherry bombs are not much bigger than a pinky finger and are used mainly to make noise. Elevenfinger denied that he threw the cherry bombs and people he knew in a car behind him did. When the police searched his premises, they found cherry bombs at his place. In a now-deleted social media post, ElevenFinger ranted against the government saying, “In a military base that includes tanks, warships, and armed soldiers, how can anyone stand up to them? But when it's time to seize power, they come out to rob/steal/plunder the tanks.”