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DPR Live drops a soundtrack to summer with IITE Cool

The South Korean rapper’s third EP is a funky ode to warmer times

LiFTED | Ciaran Dwyer | 6 Aug 2021

South Korean rapper DPR Live dropped his third EP IITE Cool this past July. The 28-year-old member of the Dream Perfect Regime crew described the release as his summer soundtrack.

The EP has had two single releases backed up by music videos. The whole aesthetic of the album from the music, to the music videos, and even the cover is bursting with summer vibes. The tunes are upbeat and borderline pop. The music videos are filled with colors and styles reminiscent of the saturated 80s and 90s, with that ever-present sepia filter found on all of these kinds of tracks. Even the album cover is a retro-style collage.

The album features a track called ‘Hula Hoops’ in which DPR Live is joined by South Korean rap veteran Beenzino, and superstar singer Hwasa.

The biggest hit from the album so far has been ‘Yellow Cab,’ the first single released from the album that came out early July, with around four million plays across YouTube and Spotify.

The music video for ‘Yellow Cab’ is the first big step away from some of DPR Live’s previous videos which took a bit of a darker tone. This one has Live twerking alongside his pink-haired crush. Not so dark or serious. It’s a love story at first glance, that cleverly juxtaposes with the lyrics.

Check out DPR Live’s ‘Yellow Cab’ below and listen to the full IITE Cool EP here.