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B-boy Lego Sam & B-girl Shun win Breaking gold at the 2023 SEA games

The dancers represented Malaysia & Vietnam

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 22 May 2023

The 2023 South East Asian Games were held from May 5 to May 17 in Phnom Penh. With 11 countries participating, the SEA Games were a great time for athletes to tune up for the big 2024 Summer Olympics to be held in Paris, France next year.

On the final day of the competition, the men’s and women’s Breaking events were held. On the men’s side, Malaysia’s B-boy Lego Sam cruised to victory over B-boy Cheno in the finals. On the women’s side, it was Vietnam versus Vietnam in the final dance-off as B-girl Shun beat her countrymate Tinie Rawk by a hair.

Lego Sam won the 2019 SEA Breaking Gold, but in 2021, the bi-annual event didn’t have breakdancing. He said, "I have been working hard in preparation for the SEA Games since the start of the year, I wanted to do the nation proud. I dedicate this win to everyone who has supported me, including family and friends. Their support has allowed Dancesport to bring home a gold medal for the country. All the competitors had to go through a packed competition schedule. The key was to maintain focus and achieve the criteria set by the judges."

With only 16 slots per gender allotted to breaking, it remains to be seen if B-boy Lego Sam and B-girl Shun will make it to the Olympics, but winning a gold medal at the 2023 SEA Games can only help their rankings.

Check out the 2023 SEA Games women's Breaking final below.