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Bang Yongguk goes ‘OFF'

Less is more in this dark banger

LiFTED | Monette Ng | 2 Apr 2022

Korean rapper Bang Yongguk has just released the music video for ‘OFF’ from his sophomore effort, EP 2. For the KPop heartthrob’s army of fans, EP 2, finally arrived two years after the release of his first solo album BANGYONGGUK. Narrating the story of his life on EP 2, Bang Yongguk speaks of his journey as an artist across six tracks and covers the topics of love and hate, joy, and sadness - all under a broader keyword called life.

Bang states, “Finding happiness in life is the hardest thing…I’m on tour, so I’m in a state of happiness, but my fans know how difficult it is for me to be back on stage. When I’m up there I get the feeling they’re holding me. It’s comforting.”

‘OFF’ is a dark Hip Hop anthem, layered with resonant synth and a driving Trap beat. It vibes like a Travis Scott track, and the music video features him simply in a glass box with fluorescent lights flashing in the background. For all its simplicity, the video is dramatic and monochromatically stylish.

Having carved out a space for himself in Korea’s white-hot Hip Hop space, Bang Yongguk continues to impress and we can expect more heaters from this prolific artist soon.

Check out Bang Yongguk’s ‘OFF’ below.