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ANNISYA aims for the ultimate summer bop with ‘HUSH’

R&B with a touch of electronic Jazz sounds magnificent in the heat

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 27 Jun 2024

Each summer, students are out of class enjoying every day as if it’s their last one until they must return to school. The sun beats down while people swim in pools, chill out at beaches, and explore streams. Every year, a song or two creates the mood for that time, so that when people think back to the summer of 2018, they automatically think of Drake’s ‘Nice for What’ or Cardi B’s anthemic ‘I Like It.’

ANNISYA has her eyes set firmly on the song of the summer with her recently released ‘HUSH.’ Combining sultry R&B with a Jazzy four-on-the-floor backbeat, ‘HUSH’ was written at a four-day songwriting boot camp with other songwriters and producers. Taking inspiration from last year’s KAYTRAMINÉ, Aminé and Kaytranada’s album of the summer, ‘HUSH’ pushes musical boundaries by infusing soulful vocals with electronic music.

Even at almost a whisper, ANNISYA’s vocals show her unapologetic girl-boss energy. She said in a press release, “Sometimes it's better to move in silence. It's the best way to respond to the people that are trying to bring you down. You can be sassy while still being classy.”

Check out ANNISYA’s ‘HUSH’ below.