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All I do is wing

DJ Khaled’s Another Wing ghost kitchens are coming to Taiwan & Hong Kong

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 16 Dec 2021

Hitmaker. Motivational speaker. Snapchat superstar. DJ. Producer. DJ Khaled is truly a multihyphenate if there ever was one. Starting in November, DJ Khaled launched Another Wing in three continents, slyly alluding to his trademark exclamation, “Another one!” that he says at the beginning of all of his songs, including hits with Lil Wayne, Jay Z and Beyonce, and Chance the Rapper. Now, Another Wing is landing in Asia.

In Taiwan, JustKitchen is a ghost kitchen that has no physical locations and only focuses on delivery. In a press release yesterday, JustKitchen announced that they have acquired virtual branding rights for DJ Khaled’s Another Wing’s products will be sold in 16 delivery locations in Taiwan in December and two delivery locations in Hong Kong in January of 2022.

“We are very excited for JustKitchen to be the first company to introduce not just a great restaurant brand, but a pop culture phenomenon, to Asia. This is exactly the goal that our company set out to accomplish — to make this otherwise inaccessible food brand and its products available to the millions of followers of DJ Khaled in Taiwan and Hong Kong,” said Jason Chen [陳星豪], co-founder and CEO of JustKitchen.

DJ Khaled’s boneless and bone-in chicken wings will have a lot of different sauces modeled after his catchphrases like They Don’t Want You To Win Truffalo, You Loyal! Lemon Pepper, Don’t Quit Nashville Hot, and Honey! Honey! Hot Honey Sriracha. Another Wing will be relying on Khaled’s social media presence to help sell his products as he has 11.9 million subscribers on YouTube with nearly six billion views total.