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7 Lyrical combatants battle it out for the right to go against Uh.Mean for the Slime championship belt

Spit Pit Vol II features Singapore’s top battle rappers on October 14 at Phuture at Zouk

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 11 Oct 2023

Rap battles bring people from various walks of life together with creative wordplay, off-the-dome rhymes, and funky fresh beats. This Saturday, October 14, Slime presents Spit Pit Vol II at Phuture at Zouk, and the Slime championship belt is on the line. Seven word warriors will battle each other and then the champ - Uh.Mean - if they want to take that belt. The competition will be furious, and the winner takes all.

The freestylers competing are L.MI, Hustler Hiran, Mitt, Thambi Natta, Slick Bobby, JJDROY, and Zaki Alvarez. Once their rounds are done, one winner is through to battle the champ from Spit Pit Vol I, Uh.Mean. It’s a hard road, and rhyming ain’t easy but their names will be permanently etched into the Spit Pit history books if they win it all. Judged by Charles Enero, Lineath, and Hishamthamc, the Spit Pit is nothing but legit. This night also features a special performance by Mex Jr., who did his thing at Def Jam Southeast Asia’s star-studded Vendetta event a few months back.

Slime nights at Phuture are where it’s at for all things Hip Hop and R&B in Singapore. The first Spit Pit was such a vibe that wordsmiths near and far came out of the woodwork, begging to be involved in Vol II. You don’t want to sleep on a chance to be part of a night that promises to go down in Singaporean Hip Hop history.

For tickets and more information on Slime presents Spit Pit II at Phuture at Zouk, check out this link.