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The 2024 DMC World Championships announce dates & new category

Paris is the home of Hip Hop in 2024

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 2 May 2024

The Disco Mix Club [DMC] World Championships have been around since 1985. Since that time, legends in the game like Craze, A-Trak, Qbert, Perly, and K-Swizz competed and won the prestigious DMC title. For six minutes, DJs show off their skills and outside-the-box thinking to try and do scratches or tricks that no one has ever thought of before. If they win, they get a DMC World Championship jacket, one of the most sought-after Hip Hop items in the world.

This year, the DMC World Championships will be held in Paris, France between October 17 and October 20. Three categories are the same, DMC Classic, DMC Supremacy, and DMC Scratch, but the interesting twist on all of this is that there is a new category called DMC Open.

For nearly a decade, the Red Bull 3style contest was held around the globe. Instead of focusing on the technical, and some might say mundane, scratching part of DJing, 3style focused only on rocking the party with three different styles of music. It came in like a banshee and left like one, too, as it died a quick death from COVID-19 before it could reach it’s 10th birthday in Russia in 2020. While 3style had a major impact on the DJ scene, some said that the winners weren’t skilled enough to compete in the DMCs.

By adding the DMC Open, which invites DJs to battle in an open format style for six minutes, the DMCs are acknowledging the desire for people to see much more than scratching, but also keeping it very high level. The first-ever DMC Open World Champion will have a lot of juice in the DJ world, so expect it to be highly competitive and exceptionally creative, because the rules have yet to be established.

For more information about the 2024 DMC World Championships, check out the DMC website here.