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Japan’s JJJ & Bonboro link up with Korea’s BLASÉ for POP YOURS track ‘YW’

It’s always the trumpet

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 13 Mei 2024

The POP YOURS festival in Japan, happening May 17 and 18, is doing just about everything right. They’ve got a stacked line-up of the hottest Japanese Hip Hop artists, sold out all tickets, and will be livestreaming the whole event. POP YOURS is doing more than a festival. They are building a community and getting artists to collaborate on original tracks. Previously, they released LEX and LANA’s ‘Bright Room [Akarui Heya]’ and ‘Champions’ by Kaneee, Kohjiya, and Yvng Patra.

On May 9, POP YOURS dropped their third track, ‘YV,’ with JJJ & Bonboro from Japan and Korea’s BLASÉ. Like a lot of dope Boom Bap tracks, it’s all about the brooding trumpet, played by Yusuke Sase, on the beat produced by JJJ. The trumpet moves slowly, but the rappers really rap on it. No hooks are needed over here.

JJJ is up first and he shows why he’s a beast on the mic and behind the boards. BLASÉ takes the middle slot and it’s easy to see why he’s blowing up inside Korea and out. Bonboro is the final rapper, and it feels like he has a chip on his shoulder and wants to make sure everyone knows that he can bring the pain. The video moves slowly as well. It shows life on the streets in Korea in the early mornings from day markets to rooftops to pool halls.

Check out JJJ, Bonboro, and BLASÉ’s ‘YW’ below, and watch the POP YOURS livestream this weekend at their YouTube page here.