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Wonderfruit tickets go on sale soon

Set those alarms now

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 7 Jul 2022

Have you been to Wonderfruit? It’s one of the coolest festivals in all of Asia with a number of blow-your-mind stages that will make you want to come back every single year from now until eternity. That might be a bit of hyperbole, but for the past two years, people have been stuck inside, and this Wonderfruit is going to be really special so you don’t want to miss it.

On Instagram, Wonderfruit posted that tickets will go on sale July 18. They’ve also stated that there is a limited number of tickets and they will only be on sale for 72 hours, so set those phone alarms right now! Fear not, there will be a second round later in July. Also, ticket holders from previous festivals that were canceled because of the pandemic will be granted a 2022 ticket.


Wonderfruit is also diving headfirst into Web3, which means tickets will have NFT components. Mixmag Asia spoke to Wonderftuit’s Jon Lor, “We do have added benefits and rewards that give utility to ticket holders, one of them being a Web3 component, which means attendees will be more than just ticket holders. Our goal is for you to become a permanent family member of the Wonderfruit world. The utility element will get ticket holders whitelisted for our NFT project, Hypothesis."

So whether you are deep into NFTs or just want to party in the fields in Thailand without a care in the world, make sure and be ready for the tickets to go on sale on July 18.

Check out the announcement below.