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Who are the League of Survivors?

The mysterious Chinese Hip Hop group raps at a breakneck speed

LiFTED | Leah Liu | 26 Mei 2021

The Chinese Hip Hop group League of Survivors first appeared in July 2020. They were featured on the track ‘Angels & Demons’ by rapper Kindergarten Killer.

No one knows who the members of the League of Survivors are, even though they have released 24 songs in 2021. Last week, they put out their latest song ‘The Most Powerful Force in Asia.’

Over an ominous Trap beat, the rappers look to set the record for Speed Rap. Forget Twista, the inventor of fast raps. Forget Busta Rhymes, known for his lyrical prowess and quick tongue. The League of Survivors is in a whole new dimension. The double-time raps are so insanely fast that it’s almost comical that anyone would be able to hear or digest the words, let alone spit them on the mic. After the hook in the middle of the song, the rapping is so rapid, it sounds like someone is just making sounds like a machine gun with their mouth.

While we may not know who the League of Survivors is, it might just be better that way.

Listen to the brisk raps of the League of Survivors’ ‘The Most Powerful Force in Asia’ below.