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LiFTED | LiFTED Staff | 22 Jun 2021

Owlist AKA Nitesh Jhurani is a beatmaker, finger drummer, producer, and voice-over artist from the pink city of Jaipur, India. He’s performed alongside some of the biggest names on the Indian electronic scene, and his music has been used by VH1 and Mumbai Fashion week.

His sound is described as Lo-Fi or Broken Beat, but there are also elements of Jazzy Boom Bap and Chillout, although he describes it as Experimental. Using a drum machine, chopped-up samples, and filters, Owlist has created some trippy soundscapes like ‘Cascades’ that will make you want to stop everything and put headphones on.

Owlist is getting ready to drop his full album in 2021!

Visit Owlist's Instagram for more info.

Listen to Owlist' Cascades below.