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Vietnam’s V# charms with Love Plugg EP

Get immersed in her passionate but toxic love-hate relationship with music

LiFTED | Quilla Chau | 13 Jul 2022

LiFTED discovered V# [pronounced V Thang] through this live performance of her singing ‘Thủ Ngữ’ [Wish] on a new beat produced by Vietnamese beatboxer THAI SON on his YouTube series ‘Hit Maker.’ Her sharp, pink hair and angelic voice gave us chills so we wanted more.

‘Thủ Ngữ’ and ‘Wish’ were the first two singles released six months ago by R&B singer and rapper V#, who describes her relationship with music as love and hate as well as passionate but toxic. She said, “I used to upload lots of singing videos for entertainment on the Internet cuz I was bored, then one day I received a text from my favorite rapper B Ray, saying that he wanted a collab. My life has turned to a different path since that moment.”

Five years ago B Ray invited V# to feature on ‘Way Back Home’ and brought this hidden gem to the light, getting her in front of a Vietnamese audience. The next year, she asked B Ray to feature on her R&B song ‘100 Questions’ to return the favor.

“There were many people wanting to work with me but I didn’t trust anyone. I was 16 years old and felt like everybody just wanted to sell me out so they would promise you some made-up shit. I hated it and I stopped putting out music for two years, V# said. By the time she turned 21, she continued, “Music healed me in many ways after I figured out my own stuff. I have met some incredible individuals who treasure me and vice versa.”

V# came back stronger and stepped onto the stage of Rap Viet Season 2 to up her Rap game. Her R&B melodic rap style is reminiscent of Doja Cat and SZA, and she is very inspired by Young Thug. Her high-toned voice and all-around swag make Plugg, a sub-genre of Trap, the perfect genre for her to bring to the people.

Love Plugg

V#’s debut EP Love Plugg was released through her Hip Hop community Under The Hood, which consists of 4 R&B Plugg tracks, featuring rappers VCC Left Hand and kidsai, expressing the wide spectrum of emotions and dynamics related to love. “After my first single ‘Thủ Ngữ,’ releasing the Love Plugg EP was a remarkable experience, V# said. She worked on everything from the cover art to the videos to the costumes and more. It was “Tons of work, but I enjoy doing it. To me, love and hate have a close connection, you need to know what you don’t like to cherish what you love. Without one, you can’t feel another.”

Check out the Love Plugg EP below.