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The Pioneer DDJ-REV 7 is here with turntablists in mind

Across the board, this brand-new controller is incredible

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 18 Jan 2022

In 2015, Pioneer introduced the world to their new mixer, the DJM-S9, and almost immediately, it was THE mixer to have in Hip Hop and Open Format clubs around the world. The features, the smoothness of the fader, and the ability to play with music made it a worldwide success immediately.

Last week, Pioneer debuted the DDJ-REV 7 controller, and while it’s only been a week, the accolades are already pouring in. Everyone loves this controller and it feels like 2015 all over again. It’s the first time a Pioneer controller has moving 7-inch motorized platters [with built-in screens] and it’s aiming to take over the controller market.

Pioneer is aiming squarely for turntablists and Open Format DJs who still lug around turntables because they have set the controller up in a battle style. This means they moved the pitch control to the top and the start/stop button to the bottom right of each turntable. Battle DJs turned the turntables this way so their hands would have more room to scratch, and now people who use controllers can have it their favorite way.

The mixer part of the DDJ-REV 7 is set up the same way as the S9 [and the S7 and S11, upgraded versions of the S9 introduced in 2020], so for DJs who have been using those mixers, the learning curve is very quick. There are a whole bunch of new features built into the system like the Instant Scratch buttons that load a scratch sound or loop for added flair. While these have preloaded sounds now, it only makes sense in the future that DJs will be able to load their own sounds into Instant Scratch. Also, there are new effects for mixing like Duck Down and Fill Out, which are great for quick mixing.

In the end, it’s all about what the experts think. Jazzy Jeff, one of the faces on the hypothetical DJ Mount Rushmore, loves the DDJ-REV 7, and he gave this amazing demo showing how good the new mixer is.

Check out Jazzy Jeff on Pioneer’s DDJ-REV 7 below.