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Ted Park gets in his feels on ‘Kanye [808s and Heartbreak]’

It’s the second collaboration between the rapper & producer duo SNC

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 25 Agu 2023

Born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, Ted Park had the opportunity to move to Korea in the 8th grade for a year with his family. There, he experienced first-hand the culture shock and isolation that gave him the motivation to start creating music. His idol, Kanye West, similarly moved to China with his mother for a year when he was in the fifth grade. So perhaps this makes Ted and Kanye kindred spirits – as the former drops his latest single ‘Kanye [808s and Heartbreak].’

Though the track never goes into explicit details about Ted’s love for Kanye, he does employ the use of heavy Auto Tune as he sings about the love he has for an unnamed muse. It’s also one of the most ballad-like tunes of Ted Park’s career so far, and a departure from his other collaboration with producers SNC ‘Bread Up’, which was a more Trap-friendly affair.

‘Kanye [808s and Heartbreak]’ also comes with a music video that sees the Korean-American rapper performing in his studio and a California flower field surrounded by mountains – a romantic enough environment as he croons about the girl he’s obsessed with.

Check out the video for Ted Park and SNC’s ‘Kanye [808s and Heartbreak]’ below.