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Show Me the Money season 11 searches for the new one on October 21

The Korean Hip Hop reality show is back and bigger than ever

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 28 Sep 2022

Mnet’s Show Me the Money [SMTM] will return to TV on Fridays at 11 PM starting on October 21 for its eleventh season. The Hip Hop reality show is wildly popular in Korea and has had a hand in launching the careers of many artists including this month’s cover star pH-1. In the exclusive LiFTED interview, when questioned about the value of being on SMTM he said, “I do recommend – with a grain of salt – taking advantage of any type of TV exposure to up-and-coming artists. But I think what’s more important is what you do afterward. You need to continuously release quality music instead of dwelling in fame and becoming lazy because it will die out quickly.”

More than 13,000 people sent in audition videos for season 11 of SMTM. The production crew watched at least a little bit of every one of those and chose the top 1,000. Instead of having preliminary rounds, the 1,000 contestants will get in front of producer teams. Then there will be 10 rounds culminating in the grand finale. The great thing about SMTM is that usually, it’s not only the MC who wins that goes on to be famous. Instead, the top four of five do pretty well and there are even some longshots who get popular and have good careers after being on the show.

In the promo video, there are a lot of surprises that come up. One of the biggest is that Youngji is there. As a winner of High School Rapper season 3 and a contestant on other variety shows, Youngji has already built up a loyal following on the internet. Other rappers who were at the prelims were Taekwondo; an underground MC who appeared on the first season of SMTM, Sleepy; half of the group Untouchable, and Dotty, a YouTuber with 2.36 million subscribers.

SMTM is sure to be exciting as they scout for the new one every Friday night this fall.

Check out the video for SMTM season 11 below.