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Rap Against Dictatorship urges voters to head to the polls on May 14 on ‘I Decide’

Thailand has been under the rule of the military for nearly a decade

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 8 Mei 2023

For the past 20 years, Thailand has seen military coups, street protests, and enough broken political promises to keep people from voting. On May 14, a wave of young candidates are running for election so the promise of political reform is in the air.

In this century, there have been two coups, two constitutions, and a series of judicial disillusions that have made younger people sick of politics. Rap Against Dictatorship, with their belief built into their name, have just released a single, ‘คนที่ตัดสินใจคือฉันเอง,’ which means ‘I Decide’ in English. In their song, they encourage people to jump on this wave and vote with their conscience.

In the video for ‘I Decide,’ four of Rap Against Dictatorship’s MCs are doing a debate about the importance of young people getting out to vote. The song and video are powerful in their complex simplicity.

In Thai, there is a term called "Taa Sawang" meaning bright eyes. This is used to describe young people who are finally opening their eyes to political issues. Rap Against Dictatorship hopes that enough Taa Sawangs come out and change the system once and for all on May 14.

Check out Rap Against Dictatorship’s ‘I Decide’ below.