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Pro-Ject goes minimalist for new turntable

The entire record player is matte black

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 8 Sep 2022

Some people like their turntables the exact way they want their coffee. All black. Unlike the seven-color spree that Technics has gone on for its 50th anniversary, Pro-Ject goes all matte black for its latest release, the Pro S. Minimalist.

The sparse and simple design hides a sleek machine underneath. The Pro S. Minimalist doesn’t want anything to do with extra buttons, LEDs, or unnecessary switches that can distract from playing records. Instead, the focus is on sound quality. With an anti-magnetic platter that reduces the lag of records, owners of this high-quality turntable are assured of amazing sound with a very warm resonance. Another cool feature Pro-Ject added is that the turntable not only goes between 33 1/3rd RPMs and 45 RPMs like most others, but it also switches to 78 RPMs, which is for records made before 1959.

The Pro S. is a minimalist turntable at a maximalist price. Starting at US$800, vinyl aficionados or audiophiles may scoff at the cost, but like luxury vehicles and designer suits, you get what you pay for.

The Pro S. Minimalist can be purchased at the Pro-Ject webstore here.