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Priya Ragu releases the infectious fall banga ‘Adalam Va!’

Just try not to be happy after listening to the jam by the Swiss-Tamil rapper

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 17 Okt 2022

There are songs that as soon as you hear them, you feel some type of way. A lot of the recent Emo Trap gets people caught in their feelings. Classic Hip Hop can bring you back to that time during the summer of that one year that made you feel great. Priya Ragu’s infectious fall jam, ‘Adalam Va!’ gets the groove right from the start, and by the time she yells out, “Rewind selector” after the first verse, a huge smile is plastered across one’s face.

The way Priya walks in the video is so indicative of the coolness of the whole thing. She’s got her arms flailing in every direction as the action centers on her, but goes everywhere. As she raps and sings, Priya also lightly makes fun of Bollywood troupes with her battling all the bad guys while dancing her heart out.

Priya Ragu

In the write-up on her YouTube page, Priya knew the song was a hit once she heard the beat. “I was outside the studio one day and Japhna was working on this new beat. I stormed straight in to find out what he was working on…I was convinced it was a banga. We immediately started to write out the lyrics and before we knew it we had the track completed that day.”

Check out Priya Ragu’s ‘Adalam Va!’ below.