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Party hard but smart says Singapore Police Force

The police are working with nightlife venues to make things safer for everyone

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 24 Jan 2023

In 2019, the Singapore Police Force [SPF] put out a smart clubbing guide to help people with any problems they faced when out. Since most places were shut down for two-plus years, the smart clubbing guide was put on hold. Now, it’s back and the SPF has some suggestions for those who like to party.

In Singapore, there were 77 cases of molestation and 36 cases of rioting reported last year. These were up from 17 and 10 respectively, since venues opened last April full-time. The SPF urges party-goers to come up with their own safe clubbing practices like checking on friends. They also are teaching clubs how to deal with drunks, make sure people aren’t too touchy-feely, and improve their surveillance capabilities. Finally, the SPF wants to make sure underage people don’t get into clubs, and that those that do are not sneaking any weapons or contraband in.

Smart clubbing?

At the Marina Bay Sands’ Marquee club, Minister of State for Home Affairs Sun Xueling launched the safe clubbing campaign on Monday, January 24. He stated that drunk people do put themselves and others in dangerous situations, so party-goers and staff need to know how to handle many different situations. Sun suggested that clubs refuse drinks to people who are too drunk or have rest corners for those that need to sober up.

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