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Kick back & slow down the ‘Pace’ with Somaji & Ginta Sense

This Blue-driven joint is an incredibly infectious listen

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 28 Apr 2023

The beauty of Hip Hop lies in its expression; how MCs take on inspirations from all over the world while incorporating their very own flavors, and jamming it all out. Somaji and Ginta Sense, two MCs from Japan exemplify exactly this on their latest collaborative track titled ‘Pace.’

In a time where dark, ominous, and high-energy beats dominate the current stream of mainstream releases, a lighter, feel-good breezy take is always more than welcome. That’s exactly what the production on ‘Pace’ does. It’s a bluesy instrumental with an addictive guitar lick looping throughout, while trumpets, horns, and an easy-to-follow drum and snare pattern are the backdrop.

Somaji takes on the track’s first verse, bouncing and flowing through its infectious beat. Ginta Sense introduces himself on the track’s hook, going back to back with Somaji, before jumping in by himself for his very own verse. Ginta Sense’s flow doesn’t change up much from where Somaji left off, which is a great indicator that the duo has brilliant chemistry.

You can tell the two MCs are big Hip Hop heads – Somaji has an MF Doom tattoo on his arm, and the duo goes crate-digging its music video showing off records from iconic names such as De La Soul. They are also flanked by their homies doing up graffiti while they’re spitting their rhymes, having an all-around good time. The energy here is incredibly infectious, and I guarantee that you cannot listen to this track without bobbing your head along to it. It’s a brilliant track to kick back with.

Check out Somaji and Ginta Sense’s official music video for ‘Pace’ below