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2 men arrested for plot to murder Australian Drill group OneFour

3 more men are wanted in connection to the plan

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 15 Jan 2024

In 2020, Australian Drill group OneFour released a video for ‘The Message,’ which showed a side of Australia that most people don’t know about. Instead of the surfing, BBQ-ing, happy-go-lucky lads that people picture as Australians, OneFour lets people know that the seedy underbelly is in all big cities down under.

The video broke down a lot of barriers for OneFour and in 2023, a Netflix documentary showed the trouble the group had putting on shows because the police were calling their group a gang.

It seems as though trouble has been following OneFour because just this past week, the same police who didn’t want them to perform had arrested two men in connection with murdering the group. They were charged with conspiracy to commit murder as well as a number of other charges. Three other men were wanted in the plot to take out the rappers and were thought to be on the run. Detective Superintendent Peter Faux from the Organised Crime Squad reported that these five men were paid to take OneFour out because they were following their social media, doing surveillance on the group, and even had stolen cars to be used for the getaway.

The police have concluded that OneFour did not know of the murder-for-hire plot before they were informed, and the rappers’ only response has been a picture on Instagram with a middle finger up to the haters.

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