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NAZZ’s infectious ‘MAUT KA KUA’ is here to make your day better

Sometimes it’s all about the flute

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 8 Nov 2021

Dope MCs are a dime a dozen. People can rap circles around each other in sidewalk cyphers or street corner battles. It’s fitting their lyrics onto a dope beat and being able to get it out in front of people is what separates rappers from Hip Hop superstars.

Desi rapper NAZZ has been on the come up for a while. He’s got really nice wordplay, great metaphors, and a sense of humor that is missing in a lot of modern-day Hip Hop. But what really stands out is the catchy beat by Audiocrackerr, and the way NAZZ lays his vocals down over it gently. A couple of notes on a flute can be the difference between a good day and a bad day.

In ‘MAUT KA KUA,’ NAZZ goes after the haters, but he doesn’t let them get to him. Instead, he throws a few strays and calmly moves on to the next laid-back bar. NAZZ is even so dope that he references the OG Nas in the hook by saying ‘Open your eyes, open your eyes, sleep is also the twin of death.’ That’s ill.

Put this one and let it play on repeat and count how many times it goes around before you get sick of that flute. It’s going to be a while because NAZZ’s ‘MAUT KA KUA’ is perfect for today.

Listen to NAZZ ‘MAUT KA KUA’ below.