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Transform into a style icon with Morph Audio

Their customizable earbuds can help you Morph the City

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 31 Mei 2022

Apple’s EarPods or AirPods are great tools for music, but they make most people look like they are listening to podcasts while commuting to work. Enter Morph Audio’s customizable base module colors, faceplates, and beads. Instead of looking like a white-collar clown, wearing Morph Audio’s latest accessories will have you ready for the runways in Milan, the photo sessions in Seoul, or the DJ booths in Ibiza.

In their latest customizable earbud campaign called Morph the City, a who’s who of South Korean creatives are showcasing the product. Hansuel Ha goes for the look of the future, Nora Kim has pearl-embellished earpods, designer Hyoxxi goes for Punk, and Hyeojim Eum gets Y2K’ed out in their ads blasted all over social media.

The concept is simple yet ultra-stylish. Instead of just wearing run-of-the-mill headphones, show your true self by decorating them with the Morph Audio collection. The faceplates can change your vibe right away. You can be blinged out during the day and goth all night if you want. The beads can be hippy or a dog collar, but you won’t lose your earbuds. It’s totally up to you how you want to Morph the City.

From Mixmag Asia