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MC Stan is the Big Boss 16 winner

"We created history, remained real & repped Hip Hop on national TV”

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 14 Feb 2023

On Sunday, February 12, while a lot of the North American world was focused on Rihanna and some football game, India’s MC Stan created history. He won Big Boss season 16, and “Repped Hip Hop on national TV.”

Hip Hop reality competitions like Show Me the Money, Rap Viet, or MTV’s The Rappers are great stepping stones to a big career in music and entertainment. But in those shows, everyone is a rapper, so it’s guaranteed that a rapper will win.

In Big Boss, there were models, actors, boxers, singers, and dancers, but only one rapper. This probably helped MC Stan as the whole Hip Hop community in India could get behind him and cheer for him. He lasted for 133 days in the pressure cooker of a reality show that started on October 1 and ended with a five-hour grand finale.

Bollywood superstar and Big Boss host Salman Khan presented MC Stan with the trophy, the equivalent of US$30,000, and a car. Stan said on the show, "I am thankful to you sir for all that you have taught me. You are the most real person. I am sure my parents would be feeling very proud.“

On an Instagram post, Stan elaborated, "We created history, remained real & repped Hip Hop on national TV.”

Check out the moment MC Stan won below.