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Lil Cherry + GOLDBUDDA to serve up a sonic mukbang at SXSW Sydney

It’s part of the KOREA SPOTLIGHT series

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 28 Sep 2023

SWSX festival is leaving the borders of America for the first time and going to Sydney, Australia for a massive eight-day event with 700 speakers, 300 performers, 170 game demonstrations, and much more. The festival takes place from October 15 to October 22 with tons of local and international acts.

Lil Cherry, a veteran of SWSX Austin, will be leading the charge of international acts at the KOCCA presents the Korea Spotlight. With her brother and producer GOLDBUDDA, the Hip Hop act will be the headliners on a night including Meaningful Stone, Jacqui, and ADOY.

The brother/sister act of Lil Cherry and GOLDBUDDA combines Hip Hop, electronic music, and much more into a sonic mukbang that has to be seen to be believed. Because they grew up in Seoul, Miami, and New York, they’ve taken a bit of style from each place, ate it up, and spit out something completely their own.

Unlike many citywide festivals, at SXSW Sydney, fans can’t buy just one ticket to see their favorite artists. Instead, they have to purchase a badge to be granted access to all events or a wristband to see their talks or shows in certain categories.

Get more information about tickets and scheduling for SXSW Sydney at Concrete Playground here.