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LiFTED Love Drop group show is coming soon

Our musical NFT drop features Mrs M, RayRay & MC Yan

LiFTED | Sean D | 6 Jun 2022


Our first collaboration with Taiwan's music NFT platform will launch on June 20. For the first series, the featured artists are Taiwanese Bass queen RayRay, with an exclusive Trap banger [featuring her vocals] called 'Super Girl.' Next up is Hong Kong rapper/artist MC Yan, known for his work with the seminal Rap Metal band LMF. His Reggae tune 'Drones' from his 2015 album 自行判斷 [Judge by Self] gets a rare Dub remix by New York's DJ Cavo.

Finally, Mongolian star Mrs M delivers a smooth and sexy track 'Sunday' featuring her partner in rhyme, LiFTED's April cover star, GINJIN. All three tracks are exclusive and will not be available elsewhere. They come with NFT art and a special bonus - a unique Metaboom boombox that plays NFTs, plus other 'utilities' for lucky owners.

The artists will be appearing live on Fansi's Discord channel to discuss their drops, so stay tuned for the schedule, and join FANSI discord server for more information here.

The drop dates for each artist is as follows:

RayRay: June 20 - June 22

MC YAN: June 24

Mrs M: June 28