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Ladies first! Ladies First! DJ T-JR & Perly make history

The American & Canadian DMC champions are female

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 1 Sep 2022

The ladies are taking over!

In the DJ world, especially in the Hip Hop DJ world, the male DJs outnumber the female DJs 10 to 1 at least. The reason for this was simple: females didn’t want or have time to slog around dilapidated thrift stores searching through dusty record bins. They also had better things to do than practice the baby scratch and others for hours and hours each day.

Now, technology has made DJing infinitely better so records are no longer needed. There are videos on YouTube teaching the fundamentals as well as advanced scratching techniques that are instantly accessible. The field has leveled, and with that leveling comes a brand new batch of female DJs who are just as good or better than male DJs.

On September 1, the DMC World DJ Championship announced the national champion results. For the first time in history, two ladies are the champions of America and Canada. DEEJAY T-JR was crowned Canadian National Champion and DJ Perly was named the US champ. This is the first time in the contest’s 37-year history that this has happened.

Both ferocious female DJs have been around the competition a lot. T-JR was Canada’s vice-champion in 2021, and Perly won the US championship in 2017. There is no word yet if the ladies will be competing for the World Championship in December, but they should because they are beating everyone in their home countries.

Check out DEEJAY T-JR and Perly’s skills below.