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IKE sparks nostalgia on his latest track ‘Lost in the World’

A stellar release from the Japanese MC

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 3 Feb 2023

Nostalgia is something we’ve all experienced. Sometimes, it plays around with you – tricking you into believing that things were better than they are today. Nobody can deny that being able to experience sensations that are familiar to us is a comforting feeling.

IKE, an MC from Japan released an absolute banger that sounds as though it could have been released smack-dead in the middle of the Golden Era. Titled ‘Lost in the World,’ the three-minute single is embedded with all the flavors of 1990s Hip Hop – samples of scratching, deep basslines, and that kick drum/snare rhythm everyone knows too well. IKE obliterates the beat with his killer flow, jumping from one verse to the next with complete control. Just like the title suggests, listeners can easily get lost in the brilliance that oozes from this track.

A music video was also released for ‘Lost in the World,’ and if you watched it on mute, you could make out exactly the sort of sound that would be omitted from it. That’s credit to IKE’s team for nailing the ‘90s aesthetic – from their outfits, camera work, and right down to their mannerisms. Although ‘Lost in the World’ is heavily inspired by the sound of Old School Hip Hop, it ironically sounds and feels fresh, especially in a sea of Drill and Trap releases.

Check out the official music video for IKE’s ‘Lost in the World’ below.